How to Make Money Blogging in 2021(step-by-step guide)

To learn how to make money blogging, you need to develop a “Chase that money” attitude.

The thought of ending up without being able to monetize your site probably sends a shiver up your spine.

But the good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way.

You can definitely make money that too without doing anything extraordinarily; you have to follow some defined steps and methods, the way other successful sites had been doing.

Interesting ….right?

It’s easier than you think– follow these three basic rules every single time.

Rule No 1: Blogging is your “business”

Rule No 2: You are a businessman

Rule No 3: Think like a businessman

With these three simple rules, you’ll be able to churn money for sure.

There’s is no denying that good writing habits, passion, consistency, and great content is a must for successful blogging, and there is no denying that “Content is the King”; but to monetize that blog in proportions to your effort, you need to scale it up.

Look, Blogging is one of the best ways to make money.

People like Marie Forleo, Steve Kamb, Ramit Sethi, Amy Porterfield, and Darren Rowse makes several million dollars per year.

You have passion, GOOD!

But passion alone won’t take you to the magic word “Monetization”.

To monetize your business, “you have to sell what people want to buy


That’s the “reality”, the sooner you realize that better it will be for you.

Additionally, if you have a passion for it, it will be the icing on the cake.

That being said, mastering the Money Blogging fundamentals will help you perfect your technique further.

From here, we encourage you to experiment with these “How to Make Money Blogging methods

Without question, to make money blogging, you need to “focus more on ways and methods of monetization” than “content creation”. (Painful truth)

We are sure that you don’t want to wait for years to reap the benefits that too which is uncertain.

It doesn’t take much to think like a businessman; as a matter of fact, it only takes one thing i.e.

do not pursue blogging as a passive hobby, but flog it up as a startup

We’ll walk you through the best way to make money blogging so you can get started straight away!

We’ll take you through all the steps, focusing exclusively on the money-making aspect of blogging.

We will let you know where to get more information and how to take action.

Some of these methods may produce immediate results and you could be making more money within days!

Some methods might take a little more time, but the payoffs are quite bigger—so definitely worth it!

Whether you are a professional or you want to start a profitable blog from scratch, follow these easy steps to find out how to monetize your blog with this step-by-step guide.

Let’s start!


How to Make Money Blogging in 2021?

Now that we’ve our objective in place, it’s time to get to the important part of how to build a profitable blog from scratch.

Since there are several options available as a step-by-step guide for beginners, so choose wisely.

Arguably the best hosting platform for a website is Bluehost, No wonder all the top-rated review sites recommend it as the best hosting provider.

Before you get started, you should know that successful sites don’t rely on one source for monetization. They balance out their options without diluting the value of their site.

You too have to weigh your options from multiple sources, which will yield better results than sticking to only one source.


Top 5 Best Ways to Make Money Blogging


  1. Online Courses and Workshops
  2. Selling Ebooks
  3. Affiliate Marketing
  4. Advertising
  5. Consultation


Make Money Blogging


  1. Online Courses and Workshops

This is the best thing you can do to the website. Create an online course for your site and scale it up to workshop level.

People make thousands of dollars teaching things like drawing cartoons, how to surf a website or how-to videos.

Imagine the impact it’s gonna have on your site if you can create an online course for your site.

Not only it will boost your traffic but you can also generate a lot of additional income.

But…Hey that’s difficult!


This is “Make Money Blogging”, think like a businessman.

Make it possible.

You think that you don’t know much about a topic to teach it, but the truth is……

“You know much more about your site niche than most”

OK….now look at it from the Money making perspective.

Why is this option so lucrative?

Online education has a much-targeted audience, so the rate of conversion is maximum.

On top of that, you have an option of providing flexible payment options, which no other monetization option has.

You can

  • Charge upfront.
  • Offer the course for free, and then charge for certification.
  • Charge using a subscription.
  • Opt for a tiered payment system.
  • Pre-sell your course.
  • Initially sell for free—then funnel it into a product or service.
  • Sell course licenses.

One thing is for sure, monetization will be there

(How much monetization?… That depends on your content quality and market demand of your niche)

So how do get started?

Let’s break it down.

Step 1: Pick the Course Topic related to your site and with High Market Demand

Step 2: Define some Compelling Learning Outcomes (Most important)

Step 3: Clearly explain to the learners the takeaway at the end of the course.

Step 4: Google and get your Course Content

Step 5: Structure Your Modules and Course Plan

Step 6: Film and Record it

Step 7: Package it to look exceptionally professional (Rope in your friends to help you with this)



It’s that simple.

Now you have your framework ready.

You are good to go.

Continue improving your product, watch and listen to leaders in this field.

If you are not at all sure about yourself, follow them and design your product as they say.


  1. Selling Ebooks


The next option is selling ebooks.

Oh common, I can’t a write book!

You don’t have to….

You already have great content in your blog posts.

What you need to do is compile all your blog posts and Rejig the content in a book format.

Edit it…

There are few tools with which you can create a beautiful-looking e-book.

Once created, go to Canva and design a cover page for free…..

Go to Easy digital downloads, download your eBook.

Then go. Look into a mirror, you can see an AUTHOR in there.

Hurray…. You are an author now.

You have your book within few minutes.

Was it difficult?


Then Just do it

If successful you could end up making thousands of dollars, which will motivate you to push yourself further.

Again, continue improving your content, watch and listen to leaders in this field.

Since this is an ebook, you can always republish it with continual improvements.


  1. Affiliate Marketing


No matter what your niche is “Affiliate marketing” is a must for your blog.

You will find tons of products to choose from.

Understand that you are the best person to review that product because you have a site exclusively dedicated to that niche.


You are in fact an SME- A subject matter expert, and believe me, People love to hear from experts


Find a product, promote it to others, and earn a profit percentage.


At times, Money comes in from the most unexpected corner, never underestimate any option. You may end up having life-changing results from affiliate marketing.


Internet is filled with personal experiences where a single post changes the whole world for them.


It does happen that your most unexpected post clicked, and you end up earning more than the rest of your total business revenue.


This sort of thing generally happens mainly with “affiliate marketing”

That is the bonus part of it, but what we are looking at here is how to make money blogging; A source that will provide you recurring and a consistent cash flow.


This is the easiest option; all you have to do is direct your traffic through a link to that product.


There is no question of leaving this option out. You have to have this affiliate marketing option.


So how to go for it?

Step No 1: Ensure that you choose only those products which complement your blogs.

Step No 2: Select a few companies that offer referral programs, sign up.

Step No 3: Promote it in the best possible way.

That’s it


Be true to your audience. Share views that you think are right.


Learn how to gracefully promote products. Then even your casual recommendation is taken quite seriously.


To start with, opt for Amazon.

Don’t stick to one affiliate program only, scale it up gradually.

Once you have selected your products to promote, make your life easier using plugins like Prettylinks to manage your affiliate links.


Believe me, if it’s done the right way, this option itself will drive your site.


For that “Blog promotion” is the key factor.


Revenue wise, An average blog with good promotion gives great result than a better article with zero promotion (Another painful Fact).


To remind you, here we are learning, “How to make money Blogging” not blogging as a hobby.


Verdict: The key to success with affiliate marketing is, Scale-up the promotion and gradually improve the quality of the article. ( A Big lot is going to differ with me on this!)



  1. Advertising


What? You mean lending some of my site space to others to advertise their product.

Come on…For advertisers to place their ads, I need to have tons of traffic on that niche. I have just started my venture And hardly have any traffic

What you said is absolutely true….

But here we don’t want to miss out on any opportunity to monetize our site.


So what’s the way ahead…

  • Option 1: Promote an affiliate product

Though it won’t be technically an advertisement, to encourage sales, some companies might allow you to post a banner on your site. you can check out the following directories, for some good affiliate programs:

    • Associate Programs
    • Affiliates Directory
    • Refer-It
  • Option 2: Use Google AdSense

Google AdSense is one of the best methods of revenue generation through advertisement.

Google AdSense is free to join. All you have to do is assign a space for advertisement.

Google will automatically search for the relevant advertisement for that specific page.

  • Option 3: Approach companies for advertisements

This can help if you have a good amount of hits on your site. Still, there are companies that are interested in this type of advertisement even on a site with low but targeted traffic.

They may allow you to do so but with comparatively less price.

  • Option 4: Blog-specific ad program

There are companies that prefer to advertise themselves on blogs only. You can check these options.

  • Crisp Ads
  • BlogAds
  • AdBrite


  1. Consultation


If you have speaking skills, if you don’t have stage fear; Then the world is under your feet.

Consulting, speaking at seminars, live sessions, webinar….you will be on roll.

Really!… How?

  • The first point is, with each session you increase your brand value and credibility.
  • The second point is “speaking gigs” are heavily paid for their service, at times thousands of dollars for a speech.
  • The third point is, if you are really confident that you can add value to your client through consultation, it’s a great option to monetize.

Last and most important, you are promoting your brand by projecting yourself as an authority on the subject.


The concluding verdict: How to Make Money Blogging in 2021?


As you can see, there are many ways to make money blogging.  When you’re in your comfort zone, you will hesitate to experiment. Get out of the zone and try out different methods.


I want you to include at least three money blogging methods, on your site.


Whichever method you chose, ensure that you try to continuously improve it and update accordingly.  


Happy Minting

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