The Top 5 Best Document Management Software


The best Document Management Software for most businesses is definitely “eFileCabinet” or “MasterControl”.

The basic objective of a Document Management System is not limited to the reduction of paperwork and easy excess to documents now. It has moved from searching and tracking to automated customer engagement and administrative tasks.


On top of that, it caters to the real-time needs of most businesses.


Choosing reliable and scalable document management software (DMS) is the key to streamline and automate the whole process.


Primarily, the selected document management service should have the ability to identify and classify the data.


It’s definitely time to consider Content Management System software for your business. The right Document Management tools won’t just save your business from financial and administrative headaches—they’ll save you time, effort, and money, too.

As mentioned, all Document Management tools are designed and built for some specific needs such as automating administrative tasks, strict compliance requirements, etc. You need to identify your requirement and select accordingly.


The reviews below will help you to make an informed decision based on your specific need.


Apart from the basic requirements for an ideal DMS solution, to make our selections, we considered factors such as automatic updating, storage, data security, etc.


The Top 5 Best Document Management Software


Our top five picks are:

  • eFileCabinet
  • M-Files
  • MasterControl
  • DocSend
  • PandaDoc


Document Management Software Reviews

Given below is a recommended list and review of the Best Document Management Software in the market, based on specific needs.


1. eFileCabinet


Best Low-Cost Document Management System
  • Automated Workflow management
  • 5 TB of Storage Included
  • Integrates with MS Onedrive and Google Drive
  • Fast and Easy Implementation
  • Audit logging
  • Integrated Mobile Apps
  • eSignature functionality
  • Encrypted File Sharing
  • Paid plans start at $55 per month

2. M-Files


Best for Ease of Use
  • Industry-specific solutions
  • Automated business processes
  • Option for cloud / on-premises / hybrid solution
  • Paid plans are customized
  • Price starts at free

3. MasterControl


Best for Enterprise Regulatory compliance
  • Best to ensure regulatory Compliance
  • Best for audit processes
  • Cloud-based platform
  • Advanced tracking and analytics
  • Paid plans are customized

4. DocSend


Best for Sales Engagement
  • Team management console
  • Sign Contracts with eSignature feature
  • Live chat support 
  • 50 GB/user
  • Gmail and Outlook integration
  • Audit trails
  • Paid plans start at $10 per month
  • Price starts at free

5. PandaDoc


Best for Closing More Deals
  • Best for sales and marketing
  • Sales-operation- customer integration
  • Automated workflows
  • Unlimited eSignatures
  • With mobile App
  • Paid plans start at $19 per month
  • Price starts at free

Our further addition to the list is:

  • PaperTracer
  • DocuWare
  • FileCenter DMS
  • Templafy
  • Hightail

The concluding verdict: Which is the best Document Management Software for 2021?


Do keep in mind that it’s really difficult to move from one document Management Software to another.


So choose your document management service diligently by ensuring that fits your specific needs.


The best way is to select a DMS solution provider based on the features listed above and then testing it by signing up for a free trial.


Before choosing the right Document Management Software, ensure that:

  • It is User friendly
  • Easy to Import/export and share documents
  • You have a Version control
  • Should be able to handle workflows
  • Enough storage and scaling provision
  • All critical access permissions
  • Adequate backup provision
  • Data protection


We prefer eFileCabinet due to its powerful features, scalability, and ease of use.


That doesn’t mean other solution providers are necessarily not options. It depends on your need, budget, and type of business.

The most popular option with our readers is definitely eFileCabinet or MasterControl

Our top choices for the Best Document Management Software are:
  • Best for Ease of Use, Get M-Files
  • Best Low-Cost Document Management System, Get eFileCabinet
  • For Software with deep engagement features, get  DocSend
  • Best for Automating Daily Tasks, Get eFileCabinet
  • For a professional brand look with a visual edge, get PandaDoc
  • Best for Sales team Engagement, get DocSend
  • Best for Enterprise Regulatory Compliance, Get MasterControl
  • For quick set up and schedule your tasks efficiently, get eFileCabinet
  • Best for Closing More Deals, get PandaDoc
  • For control over the document lifecycle, get MasterControl
  • To handle any law or regulation, get MasterControl


Good luck with your project!

We will appreciate it if you provide your valuable inputs as comments below.

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